Daily Dispatches from the Bear’s Cave


Here you will find hard hitting, stories of the Birther movement. Many of you have asked me to put them into a collection because you couldn’t find them after I changed the front page.


I do listen, so here you go in sort of some kind of chronological order, newest first.


An open letter to Congress


Dr. Conspiracy you are telling damned lies!.


The Devil makes some Damned Deals


The Founding Fathers, the Electoral College and the Insanity of the Department of Justice


Guess who Kreep into the Birthers


DOJ Last Minute Demands to Judge Carter




1983 - Did Obama’s Kenyan Citizenship expire when he was 21?


Hillary Clinton Obstructionist or Closet Birther.


An invitation to Michelle Malkin and Michael Medev to debate


The Unseen hand


Birthers are Boycotting


The logic of a natural born citizen


Obama calls for counter protest, blames Birthers


Pictorial Essay on Citizenship


Embrace the term Birthers


The African Queen


Is this Obama’s OMG Moment?


Obama and the Fukino Express give us Pearl Harbor II


Obama’s Swiss Cheese COLB


My Birther Media, an alternative to MSM


Why We Exist


Unequal Birth Certificates


Why are the Birthers the ones being labeled “Racists”?


Roll’n on the Floor, a response to a MSM OBOT


Dreams of a Transient Alien Father


The People storm the Castle, Rep. Mike’s Castle that is.


The WORLD loves Obama . . . . . . . . right?


What question we would ask Sonia Sotomayor.


Obama tries to Cook the Major


Obama’s Obstetrician Discovered