Who does Trump owe his Victory to?


The Birthers could say that we helped Trump get the nomination for the Republican Party; by relentlessly exposing the flaw in Ted Cruz’s natural born citizenship claim, and while that might be true, we were silent as the general election rolled around.


There were times we wanted to use the web site to debunk the claim that Donald Trump was the mega Birther, he was not. The ones who were most vocal, most vehement in Obama were those who grouped together and called themselves the PUMA, which was Party Unity My Ass. These were Hillary’s supporters who would never accept that Obama won the primaries fair and square.  Like Bill, Hillary Clinton learned from her defeat and made sure she wouldn’t loose to Bernie. But still we didn’t use the website for rebuttal, it was up to Trump to refute those claims.


So whom does Trump and America need to thank?


It was not some group of celebrities, not the media, not even Republican leadership. These were for the greatest part against him. Was it the NRA, the Generals, Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh’s of talk radio? They all helped greatly in bringing the issues to the front, they help expose the naked contrast between the choices we would make, but no they didn’t propel the people to vote for Trump.


Our answer will be as controversial as we have always been.


The Lord of all Creation is the one we must thank.


It was the Creator of all that was, all that is, and all that will ever be who quietly spoke to the people and told them to take the time and go and vote.  The Creator has a name; the Creator is called the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Father of Jesus Christ, the name the Creator told us to us, YHWH, appears 6807 times in the bible.  And no matter how you pronounce it, this is to whom not only Trump owes his greatest debt of thanks to, but to whom all of us who wanted a return of liberty and justice to our lives owe a great debt of gratitude to.


Take the time to say thank you to the Creator in your prayers, He heard you when you prayed for Trump’s victory. We have seen our leadership mock the Creator and arrogantly proclaim that by their hands we would rebuild this nation after 9-11, do not follow such blind and vain men, by taking credit for the victory yourselves. Thank Him, He who gave you life and made your souls free at birth, thank Him. And tell the people who ask, “how could Trump win,” that Trump didn’t win, rather we received a gift that we don’t deserve, a chance to right the wrongs caused by a generation of self-centered and self-righteous individuals on both sides, a chance to repent for all that we stood by in silence and let happen, a chance to repent for not believing that God’s justice will trump any idea of justice devised in the hearts of men, a chance to cast off the cynicism of a generation and say like a child, “God, I believe in you.”


Not to us, YHWH, not to us, but to your name give glory, for your loving kindness, and for your truth's sake.