A Constitutional Crisis is Brewing


As the Birthers, we are pointing out that the conditions of Barack Hussein Obama, II’s birth is not only important, but critical to the constitutional order of our Nation. It may surprise some that we are not a pure democracy, but a Constitutional Republic. If you have any doubt that we are a Republic and not a pure democracy just recite to yourself in quiet or out loud the Pledge of Allegiance to Our Flag, especially the part, "and to the for which it stands". Then study a bit what a Republic is and what a Democracy is. As a Nation, we are only united as long as we hold fast to the Constitution. For in the moment we break the bond that binds us, our Nation and the order that we live under ceases to exist.



America's true form of government



Without a contract that binds our government, we are nothing more than “subjects.” Without courage to defend the Constitution, we are nothing more than “sheep.” The whole Constitution must be defended. We cannot pick and choose those provisions that what we want. If we find excuses not to support that what we do not like, then we set a precedent to loose those which we do like.


The site summarizes our combined research and positions, and we encourage you read, carefully what we are writing about the Constitution and what our founding Fathers intended when they penned the term “natural born citizen” into the Constitution of the United States of America.


The truth may be hard for some to accept. We understand that we will be despised by many, and called racists by some. We understand this because the truth in what we present cannot be challenged directly by them, because the truth is immotile. Both truth and fact stand independent of the vox populi.