Can Barrack Obama Forget Impeachment

and Start Worrying About

Pink Undies in Maracopaís Tent City


Just when we thought it was safe to leave the birth certificate issue alone and prepare to debate the merits of whose definition the founding fathers used to define an Article II natural born citizen, Vattel or Blackstone, Sheriff Joe Arpaio released the report of his 6 month investigation into the apparent forgery of Obamaís long form birth certificate. His findings, it is a forgery.

Several points were raised concerning the LFBC (Long Form Birth Certificate) and Obamaís Selective Service record that it would simply be best to view the videos used at the press conference.



It is interesting that Obamaís MSM supporters doubt the impartiality of Sheriff Arpaioís findings because Obamaís DOJ is investigating the sheriff departmentís enforcement of Arizonaís law concerning illegal immigration but remain silent over the judges appointed by Obama protecting their appointments by either by declaring Obama is a natural born citizen, such as Judge John Adrian Gibney, Jr did in Tisdale v. Obama or by refusing to hear any case on its merits as Justices Sotomayor and Kagan did.

Also more importantly the MSM keeps saying ďAlthough objections to the authenticity of the presidentís birth certificate have been widely debunked, ď they NEVER, EVER offer any proof that it was WIDELY DEBUNKED. So far not one Obama supporter has offered any proof that the anomalies found in either Obamaís birth narrative or his birth documents can be thoroughly or adequately explained. It is interesting when it comes to the God of Abraham these bastions of liberalism tell us we must show them scientific proof of His existence, but when it comes to their god (Obama) they demand that we accept it on faith.


If Obama cannot conclusively prove he was born within the United States of America, well thatís game over for him. But we have all said it wouldnít matter if Obama was born in the Lincoln bedroom, he would not be a natural born citizen as the framers of the Constitution understood the term to mean, because his father was never a US citizen.

As we move forward toward the 2012 election cycle we at the will be offering new evidence showing that neither the framers of the Constitution used the broad English Common Law definition of a natural born subject as the model for a Article II natural born citizen, nor the framers of the 14th Amendment ever intended the amendment to make Article II natural born citizens.

Because we are not going to allow our NATIONAL heritage to be usurped by the progressive socialists we know that we will be attacked and ridiculed, simply for hates sake.