Do you remember Pearl Harbor?


What if ………


There are three P’s I learned in my life from dealing with what Politicians, the Powerful, and Punks tell me. I actually apply this rule to just about every story I hear. Here are my three P’s for determining if something could be true, or if it is a conspiracy theory.



Many things are possible, but if it is impossible, it ends here.


Probability looks at things like past events and behaviors to determine the odds of it occurring.


Plausibility overlays Probability in its current environment, to see what factors, what confluences are coming together to help or hinder it. It is Plausibility that makes something believable.


When the three converge, it is time to take it a tad serious.


Someone whispered a story in my ear. I am going to tell it, and you are going to have to decide.


Barrack Hussein Obama, II now that he has the Director of Health for the State of Hawaii, and the House and Senate saying he is a natural born citizen, he is going apply for an amended Certificate of Live Birth. This amended birth certificate will include the name “Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital.”


It helps that the person who told me this has been right before.


Strange that Hawaiian law HRS 338-17.7, 338-20.5 allows this to happen. (PDF of the site incase Hawaii scrubs this too is here)


Two reasons Hawaii could allow this is written in the law, which states,


previously recorded information in relation to the person’s surname and/or the father’s personal particulars has been altered pursuant to law.


What is amazing one of the items we all questioned on his Online COLB is one of the particulars of his father. Race of his father is listed as African, not Negro as was the common and accepted usage of the time.


Africa is a continent, it is not a race. When people say Africans, are they racists saying only dark skinned people can be Africans? Hardly, there are white, black and tan Africans.



Why we are on Africa, what if he was born in Kenya and adopted by Lolo Soetoro as Phil Berg says?


It depends on where the adoption took place at. Again from that same law, that says who is eligible to have their Birth Certificate amended, we see …..


A person born in a foreign country who has been legally adopted in the State of Hawaii.



Would that be a proverbial ‘itch. Fukino could spin this like the silkworm spins a cocoon or a spider spins a web. Between the loose laws of Hawaii and their officials handling of this matter to date, my attention is perked.


She can say, “this is Obama’s birth certificate as we have it on file, it has been safe guarded as Hawaiian law requires.” She wouldn’t be lying, their birth registration laws are so weak, and have been she could probably pass a polygraph. Then if someone questions her, she will say Hawaiian law prevents me from saying anything further, that what “our native son,” has authorized me to release.

Let’s return to the 3 P’s. Is it possible? Yes it is possible, Hawaiian Law makes it possible. Is it probable? Taking into account all the promises that Obama broke on already, such as transparency, yes it is probable. Now is it plausible?


        Considering the power the Presidency already wields (i.e. Threats and coercion.)

        Considering people have given some “fishy” statements to date and they need their asses covered (i.e. With words like aiding and abetting, no one want to vacation in Club Fed.)

        Considering the fact, that Congress has refused to address this issue (i.e. The unemployment rate makes finding honest work for difficult, even in the best of days for those crooks.)

        Considering that this Administration is spending money like a drunk sailor, and Obama has already spent over two million dollars to keep this from the public (i.e. Who wants to be a Millionaire.)

        Considering Hawaii has already changed their official website to accommodate the confabulation of Obama’s “ever changing story” (i.e. If we can’t dazzle them with our brilliance, we will baffle the with our bull.)

        Considering that if he had nothing to hide, he would have already released it (i.e. Ask Nixon about the tapes.)

        Considering there are now TRILLONS of dollars at stake, (i.e. Like this has no bearing on anything.)

        Considering that the new media mantra is “Leave My Barrack Alone!!!!!!” (i.e. Who will ask?)



Plausibility is now confirmed. You only need to hit me once to get my attention. The confluences greed, power, lust, avarice, laziness, treason and good old Chicago corruption, have gathered to make this “What if ….,” a lot more believable then extra-terrestrials. You do know that I will be getting 50 emails from OBOTs telling me I don’t know nothing, … about E.T.


It now has everything needed to pass the 3 P test for reasonable people.


So, if Obama wants this to disappear, if the Congress doesn’t want a revolt at their town hall meetings, let make it easy.


We want to see a certified true and correct copy of the ORIGINAL Certificate of Live Birth (BC) issued in August 1961! Live and Uncut! No amended versions!


And do you know what? We know exactly what it looks like. Thanks to the fine work at World Net Daily.


We need to derail the “Fukino Express” before it leaves the station.


We have to let them know, that we know like the flaws in the 1955 Law that allowed for (let’s us say) anomalies in registering a birth in Hawaii. There are loop-holes in amending one.


Contact the Hawaii Health Department, and say with a loud voice,


“No Pearl Harbor’ing my Constitution!”


Chiyome Fukino, M.D.

1250 Punchbowl St.
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

Phone (808) 586-4400
Fax (808) 586-4444


Don’t expect Congress to look out for you when they are busy looking out only for themselves. You have been warned.


We have a man in the Oval Office who said he was going to transform our lives. Listening to his campaign rhetoric, we could envision a paradise. He promised us a better life, with government giving us all the protection we will ever need.



Now that he is occupying the office its is not so peaceful. So far it is starting to look a lot more like this. Class warfare, health care that literally includes euthanasia for the elderly, (and this is not old news read here) taxing the economy to its knees, just to name a few.



With everything at stake, don’t we have a right to know with absolute certainty that the person leading us on this “Vision Quest,” is a natural-born citizen, as our founding father’s envisioned one to be?



Printed: July 30, 2009