Are the Birthers being infiltrated by Obots or are they trying to demoralize us or are they looking to incite us to violence?

Recently a name came to my attention, Leo P. Haffey. He first came on the radar scope at Citizen Wells Blog, where he attacked Charles Kerchner. He wanted answers from Cmdr Kerchner because alleges the Commander personally wanted him to donate money. The record of the blog does not support his assertion that the Commander personally or indirectly asked him or anyone on the blog for money. What he wanted to know is there in the court filings Mario Apuzzo made on behalf of Cmdr. Kerchner, so what does that say about Leo P. Haffey, self acclaimed legal eagle?

Now he is on the Steady Drip blog going after Commander Kerchner, and espousing the citizens grand jury as the only remedy. At this point I need to get involved and clearly state that Leo Patrick Haffey is no patriot, he is either an Obot planting doubt and seeding armed revolt or he is clearly demented.

Through his many posts on the various blogs he has said he was involved in the Birther movement for two years, and has written many articles back then. Well I was involved in the movement since the early days of Texas Darlin and the Israeli Insider, my bona fides go back to early August 2008, and I can say without a doubt Leo Patrick Haffey was never involved back then, in fact he is involvement is recent. He like Obama likes to s-t-r-e-a-c-h his bona fides. Why is he trying to prove he is a super patriot? Everyone who reads the knows I never use my own name, not because I am afraid of Obama, but because the truth and the honor to defend our Constitution is so much greater than any personal glory I might achieve. It never was about my ego, or me being a patriot, it is the truth. The patriots are men and women like Cmdr Kerchner, Lt. Col Lakin, Major Cook, Capt. Rhodes, and Lt. Easterling, who despite all odds kept the faith and fight within the law. They use the law, because they are trying to uphold the supreme law of the land, the Constitution of the United States of America.

This case does not risk all on the place of birth, but the conditions of birth, Mario aptly applied Vattel into this case along with the very few SCOTUS cases that support Vattel's definition of a natural born citizen. After reviewing the material Apuzzo presents it is clear that what the founding fathers called a natural born citizen is one born in the country to parents who are citizens,

This case was filed citing a specific time frame where Obama was neither a candidate nor a constitutional officer. This case is a true nightmare for Obama and the DOJ. Só it seems logical that Obama's obots would attack this case, as it is one of the very few that actually scares them. Going back to Citizen Wells blog and Haffey's assertion the Commander wanted his money, it is clearly seen Cmdr. Kerchner never asked for a dime on the blog, and especially from Haffey.

It is true the Commander is fund raising, but what is he using the money for? For about a year now he has been running weekly ads in the Washington Times Weekly about Obama's lack of natural born citizenship and Washington's shameful behavior. These ads have done more than Haffey has ever done, because it was only after these ads appeared some in the MSM, especially the MSNBC critics started to talk about this issue.

Citizen Grand Juries may be legal but that does not mean they are right. They have two inherent problems. The first being that they can easily be as impartial as a lynching at a Democratic Party picnic sponsored by the Mississippi KKK, even if they are not the MSM will spin it to be so. The second major flaw in this strategy is enforcement. Unless a government agency is going to recognize the finding of the grand jury and start legal action in a sanctioned court of law, then what did it accomplish?

What is left if a prosecutor or judge will not move on a citizen grand jury's findings? A citizens arrest of Obama, with the US Secret Service playing Pinochle? Surely that will happen when pigs fly over Tel Aviv. Or is Haffey suggesting we storm the White House with our weapons, because that would be the outcome when people's actions are ignored.

It is this reason Haffey is either dangerously demented or an Obot stirring trouble. There is no other choice. As a lawyer he has no notable constitutional experience, nor has he contributed to the debate of what is a natural born citizen. He is a rather new comer to the Birthers, and comes from a long history in the Democratic Party, a Hillary supporter I hear. Perhaps he is simply a disgruntled want-to-be, and it is his ego? That would answer the demented theory, but what if his goal is to form some type of armed revolt? That makes him far worse than just an Obot muddying the waters, that adds the dangerous adjective to the demented aspect. Only a dangerously demented person would or allow themselves to be used to create a situation where the citizens take up arms with little hope of achieving anything.

The day may come when we need to take up arms, but let it be Obama and the communist controlled Democratic party and socialist sponsored Republicans who fire the first shot. Let us do all that we can to uphold the rule of law, something no one is doing anymore. It may come to a second civil war, but let the bloodshed be on their heads and not on ours. As far as I am concerned they can start it and we can finish it. We are Americans, even if our government forgot what Americans are. Let us explore all avenues first, and only resort to revolution when there is no other choice. There still is a choice, one that our forefathers believed in coming up in November, it is called Elections. Let us work together to get clear thinking constitutionalists elected, and leave the Haffey's of the world to their own demented delusions.