Guess who Kreep into the Birthers?


I must admit I am disappointed that Judge Carter allowed Gary Kreep of the USJF to be a part of Orly Taitz’s action that is now in front of his court, because I can see the conflict already between Doctor Taitz and Gary Kreep. And long before this trial is over I am going to have enough sympathy for Judge Carter that I may just send him a bottle of Jack Daniels because I just don’t think there are going to be enough aspirin to alleviate the headache he is going to have.


A lot of people know Gary Kreep as he and the USJF have represented actions on several conservative positions from Abortion, to Gay Marriage and border protection. But this is his first foray into the area of a natural born citizen. So it was helpful to know what his position is on the subject.


In an interview with World Net Daily, Kreep made his position known. “There’s nothing that I’m aware of that says you have to have two American parents,” said the executive director of the United States Justice Foundation, Gary Kreep, whose lawsuit alleges Obama was born in Africa and thus is constitutionally ineligible. “My understanding of it is if you’re born in the United States, you’re a natural born citizen, period.”


Now I am beginning to understand why some on the left say those on the right are closed minded bigots. I am always much more afraid of CINO’s and RINO’s than I am afraid of bleeding heart socialists and card-carrying communists that infuse the Obama Administration. To me while I may not like their belief in the superiority of the Nanny State I respect them for not pretending to be something they are not. I am not saying Kreep is a bigot, but when you punctuate your position with the word period,” you have in fact closed your mind.


To close your mind in opposition to the historical facts, well let’s just say that is just plain kreepy.


Has Kreep closed his mind to John Jay’s admonition of allowing a Foreigner into the position of Commander in Chief? Perhaps it would help Mr. Kreep if he opened Black’s Law Dictionary on his desk and look up the word foreigner. He may just see that the definition is, “A person who is not a citizen or subject of the state or country in which mention is made, or any one owing allegiance to a foreign state or sovereign


Has he closed his mind to the fact that once in our history a law was actually passed that stated that a natural born citizen was one born of a father and a mother who were both citizens of the United States, in 1790? Mr. Kreep should do a little research into that time period and he would find that many states did not give children born to foreigners citizenship until their father became naturalized, and the type of citizenship given to these children born in the original states was that of a naturalized person.


Has he closed his mind to the numerous Supreme Court decisions that espouse the two parent necessity of Vattel when talking about a natural born citizen, that start with the Venus decision and even pass the Kim Wong Ark decision with the Perkins v. Elg decision? I would think that Mr. Kreep would have at least looked at the historical cases and not rely on his interpretation that has been clouded by rhetoric. I would hope that he is not relying on Wong Kim Ark, because any one can see that Wong Kim Ark was never declared to be a natural born citizen, he was only said to be a citizen due to his birth within the United States.


Has Mr. Kreep closed his mind to all the congressional records that state that a natural born citizen was one born in the country of parents (plural) who are citizens themselves? Senator Trumbull and Congressman Bingham, who were instrumental in both the 13th and 14th Amendments and the Civil Rights Act of 1866 both used Vattel’s definition as an inspiration for their remarks.

I am not the biggest fan of Orly Taitz, and at times I have likened her to Sheriff Ricochet Rabbit because she seems to be bouncing all over the place looking for some form of standing. Still, the one thing I never doubted about Orly was her sincerity in wanting to prove Obama is not a natural born citizen. BUT, with Kreep I have my doubts about this. There were times I cringed to see Orly on TV, because those in the tank Obama anchors played with Orly’s language skills. The fact is Orly is quite fluent in English but she has not had the time to master the dialect of sound bites that are needed for television news.

I can imagine that MSNBC and all the stations in the Obama Network are going to have both counsels on live from October 5th onward. Not because they want people to be informed but they know that with Kreep’s closed mindedness and Orly’s language skills they will be able to manipulate both of them to their advantage and discredit them and their case.


I just know that once in court Orly and Kreep will not be on the same side and will be antagonists and not allies. I can see that they will be arguing more with each other than the defense. That is the difference between someone who is on a mission from God and someone who already closed his mind.


Judge Carter like myself is a former Marine, and we have an unwritten rule never to leave one of our own behind on the battlefield. It is for this reason that I offer Judge Carter a bottle of Jack Daniel’s or if he prefers Kentucky Bourbon.