Embrace the name Birthers with pride,

And while you’re at it, toss a name their way,




I received an email yesterday from someone ashamed to be called a Birther. In fact I have heard a few people want that we call ourselves “Article II Patriots.”


From: Dion

Sent: Wednesday, August 05, 2009 4:30 AM

To: info@birthers.org

Subject: I'm calling for everyone to reject the bigoted hate name Birthers


I hope you will join me in pointing out how big a bigots the left is for making up hate names for their opponents. Working hard on dividing the country. DON'T EMBRACE THIS NAME ANY LONGER AND MAKE IT KNOWN WHY. Tell them you rethought about this movement and you calling it the search for the truth movement now. Make a big deal out of what bigotry they are displaying. Something else but DON'T LET THEM NAME US FOR CRYING OUTLOUD. Who the hell do they think they are.


Calling us the Birthers is a typical Alinsky tactic, in fact it is Saul Alinsky’s rule number 5 for radicals.


RULE 5: "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon." There is no defense. It's irrational. It's infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions. (Pretty crude, rude and mean, huh? They want to create anger and fear.)


Alinsky was right, for people with no backbone, no stomach for a fight there is no defense, because cowards in the end have no defense. He was also right for people who try to reason with the name callers, because the name callers are void of reason, they are filled with one emotion hate. They will never accept you for yourself, they don’t want your input, they don’t want honesty. They want to dominate you and your life.


Where Alinsky was wrong was in the resolve of people to get right back into his face and go eyeball to eyeball with him. Alinsky couldn’t understand the resolve of ordinary, everyday Americans. Perhaps if Alinsky expanded the scope of his studies from the campuses which he and his cohorts controlled to the bars in the working-class neighborhoods and tried to ridicule these good people, then Rule number 5, would have been reworded differently.


We choose to embrace this name because we knew that they wanted to control the use of this name. We would not give them the satisfaction. So, I wonder if some of these people who want us to change our name are nothing more than “plants” trying to make us afraid of a word. Can you imagine the American people being afraid of a little word like Birthers? The fact is that there will be people coming on to chat rooms and message boards, and they will do all in their power to sow fear and doubt in you. They will try to appear as patriots, but their idea of a patriot wouldn’t be understood by people like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John and Sam Adams, Patrick Henry, nor by James Madison and the Americans who faced down the superior British force in the Battle of New Orleans.


King George tried to stick a name on us and we embraced the name, Rebel. Tokyo Rose tried to ridicule us and she became the most listened to radio show during WWII. The fact was she provide comic relief and did play the popular music of the day helped. Sort of like Saturday Night live, Conan O’Brian and Jon Stewart are today. They ridicule but they entertain, in an otherwise bleak moment.


Even the name “Article II Patriots” is demeaning, because we are not confined to Article II. It is true the apparent violation of Article II did wake us up and brought us together. But, when the Birthers came together, what we discovered is that we were from all walks of life, democrats, republicans and independents, and what we found was that although we were dying the death of 1,000 different cuts, we were united as Americans. Americans who could disagree on some issues, but were united in the belief that it was our Constitutional Representative Republic that kept us from destroying one and the other. We discovered after listening to one and the other was that there were more issues that united us then divided us. Unconstitutional wars that have our people fight and die with no political risk to the politicians, unconstitutional usurping of powers not delegated to the federal government, unconstitutional tax systems that violate equal protection, unconstitutional regulations that deny us choices, unconstitutional protections of one group over another, unconstitutional use of executive orders that stretch the imagination, unconstitutional control of our free economy that makes us all slaves, unconstitutional control over our children in which parents become nothing more than care takers, and unconstitutional evasion of our privacy where citizens are afraid to even speak. The simple fact is when we started talking we had more in common with the founding fathers then we had with our own parties, and those who said they were speaking for us through our political parties. Once we resolve this issue of what is a natural-born citizen, we have all pledged to turn the Birthers.org into a center exposing all unconstitutional actions by the government our selected officials now control.


In fact our motto on our website states that we are, “Dedicated to the rebirth of our Constitutional Republic.


Are we racists and bigots? We have already answered that question in our article, Why are the Birthers the ones being labeled “Racists”? We have never said that a person of color could not run for President or be elected as the President. What we have consistently said is that a person, any person who holds the office of the President of the United States of American must be constitutionally qualified to hold that office. Is it our fault that the election of 2008 was the year when both political parties denied the American people a choice of candidates who could clearly meet this simple eligibility requirement? Because the system and those that influence the system failed the American people gives them the right to call us names? This reminds me of a Russian story of a thief who got caught and the confusion he cause to escape. There was a man who upon coming home found a thief in his house, he seized the thief and called the villagers to his aid. When he said to the villagers look at the thief I caught, the thief turned around and said, “I am no thief, you are thief.” The honest man said, “no you are the thief, I caught you” The thief quickly grabbed the arm of the man and said, “no you are the thief, I caught you.” Some of the villagers believed the thief, to them he seemed eloquent and persuasive, but also because the honest man lived quietly alone, never bothering anyone and they did not know him, so they rushed up to grab the honest man. Then other more thoughtful villagers said to the hotheads, “look you have grabbed one of our neighbors and the thief you let run away.”


If Barack Obama is eligible under the Constitution to hold the office of President, then let him prove it. If he cannot then the real racists are those who believe that a man of color can only achieve the office of President by lying, cheating, invalidating our constitutional form of government and bearing false witness to those who object to destruction of our Republic. We are in essence only following those immortal words of a great American, the Reverend Martin Luther King, we are not judging Barack Obama by the color of his skin, and we are only judging him by the content of his character and by the missing contents of his birth certificate and other documents.


Remember that saying from our childhood, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” I want you to remember another now, “what is good for the goose is good for the gander.”


Well we have a name for those who mock and ridicule us for standing for a 222 year old piece of parchment, our Constitution. This name is “Oborters.” Shout it loud and clear. Oborters because they want to abort the truth about Obama and their own culpability before it is even seen by the American public. Yes, not only is Obama culpable, but so are elected officials democrat and republican who swore to protect our constitution, but so is the Mainstream Media who want to control the flow of information.


Meet the Oborters of truth and fairness.


Harry (Horse Thief) Reid, “Obort any mention of Birthers on the Senate floor.”


Bill (my mouth is bigger than yours is) O’Reilly “Obort Joe Farah from coming on my show and showing the world how ridiculous I really am.


Robert (Gibbles) Gibbs, “Obort any and all questions about the birth certificate.”


Jon (no story) Klien, “Obort Lou Dobbs and any sense of journalism and common sense.”


Keith (Doberman) Olberman, “Obort, obort, obort, obort, obort …. (ad infinitum)


Not all elected officials are under the control of those who can make them wealthy, nor are all journalist trying to control the minds of the masses. There are some brave people out there, Representative Posey who simply wants to insure that in the future this never happens again by requiring all Presidential candidates to provide proof that they are natural born citizens, with his bill HR 1503, and Lou Dobbs who just asked that Obama provide proof by authorizing the release of his long for Certificate of Live Birth are but two. There are countless others, who are trying to insure that our Constitutional Republic lasts another 222 years.


Don’t shy away from the fight just because they call you names, don’t try to redefine yourself on their terms. They put the title Birthers on us and labeled us “racists,” let’s see how well they embrace the title Oborters and the labels we go place on them.


We understand that you must feel surrounded by people who hate you, and it is a little frightening. Remember others have faced much tougher enemies, much farther away from home then you do now.


In December of 1952 during the battle of the Chosin Reservoir, American forces found themselves completely surrounded, totally cut off and hopelessly out numbered. There was a Marine Colonel who took a good look around and assessed the situation. Colonel Chesty Puller looked at it not as a time to surrender, but as the opportunity to prove the resolve of the Americans in the face of the enemy. When asked what to do by his junior officers Colonel Puller calmly replied, All right, they're on our left, they're on our right, they're in front of us, and they're behind us... they can't get away this time.What happened next is recorded in Marine Corps legend and world history.


Take some time out and read what just a few common people who have found uncommon courage can do, read a part of your history, the history the Oborters want to Obort from our history books, read about one small group called the “Frozen Chosin.”


This is the face of courage in the sea of hostility.