The socialist left is trying to pressure business not to support anyone in the media on the right that criticizes their agenda. Glenn Beck is now the focal point of this movement. Although Glen Beck has not come out and supported our position, he has not said we are wrong.


In fact what he said of the issue is, “I have to tell you, the - I mean, first of all, the birther thing, what are you going to do. Even if it was true, what, are you going to take him out of office?"


What we can do is what we are doing, showing the American people that what the Founding Fathers meant by the words natural born citizen is a citizen who has complete and total loyalty to the United States from birth. We show them that Obama does not have this type of loyalty and that is why his administration is actively destroying the United States. That is what we can do and that is what we are doing.


But, that does not mean we abandon Glenn Beck because he is not supporting us on this one issue. He is supporting the rest of the Constitution of the United States and that makes him true Birther, because he, like us, wants to give a rebirth to the government that our founding fathers gave us, a constitutional republic.


Glenn is being assaulted by the Astroturfing Colors of Change founded personally by his Obamagnificence the Green Czar Van Jones. He needs our help and we need his. The Birthers are not a single issue, but having a foreigner (Yes Virginia he is a foreigner, we defined the word Foreigner in our essay the Logical Analysis of a natural born citizen.) in the Oval Office is what awoken us from a deep fitful sleep.


Perhaps it is time we taught them the real history of boycott, and its effectiveness. The word comes from Ireland, where there was a Charles Cunnigham Boycott who was the English land agent for an absentee British nobleman who laid claim to land that was not his. The English treated the Irish like serfs, not letting them own land, raising their rent and evicting them to instill fear. When it came time for the potato harvest of 1880, the Irish would no longer help the English continue making them serfs, and fought back with the only weapon they had, their unity. When Boycott tried to undermine the people of the Irish Land League to get the “serfs” back into the field, the people of County Mayo united, they would help, sell, or even deliver the mail to Boycott. In a way the parallels exist right now, Obama is the foreign agent of his masters, the oligarchy of international socialists of Ayers, Soros and dozens of unseen others, trying to get the Americans to use their labors to make the oligarchs rich. In the end the English harvested 350 Pounds Sterling worth potatoes without Irish labor, at a cost of 10,000 Pounds Sterling, that would be the equivalent of going to have the transmission fixed on your Chevy and discovering that buying a brand new Hummer would have cost you less.


Charles Cunningham Boycott

A British Agent of Oppression in Ireland



While Colors of Change went on a RobberCall spree, let us do this the right way, slowly and methodically. We can send a message with our dollars. We need to let them know that we will not do business anymore with the following companies if they continue to inject their politics into our business dealings. It is bad enough that they want to hang us, but they want us to pay for the rope. We are sheeple no more, we are Americans regaining our independence and we stick together!


We will not just don’t send them a verbal message, (and by the way we made it easy for you to do by simply clicking on their logo that takes you right to their contact page,) we will do it with our dollars. We can buy alternative products, choose alternative insurance companies, we can help small manufactures, the ones that actually makes jobs that pay the taxes the government wastes.


God knows that little gecko GEICO is big, next we will hear he is “tooooo” big to fail. So, let’s bring them down to size before Uncle Barack and the Democratic Politburo (aka Congress) decides we have to bail them out next.





















Rumored to have cancelled advertising on Glenn Beck, if true we can just move them up into the do not buy from list.


Campbell Soup
General Motors
Kraft Foods