The African Queen


When I heard that Jerome Corsi was sending investigators to Kenya to examine documents from that period to determine the truth about the Kenyan birth certificate, this seemed like a very wise move. Then reviewing the recent news about Hillary’s “safari” just came right up in front of me, was like a flashing light. Somehow, in the midst of all this an old movie came to mind.



Strange timing or just a coincidence that she announces her trip 5 days before Orly Taitz announces she has a Kenyan birth certificate. Call me paranoid or just a “racist,” but I remember when the Clintons were knee deep in questions about two programs under their watch, the FBI’s Carnivore and the NSA’s Echelon. Both highly advanced message interception programs that could read, listen and store to our conversations from around the world.


Probably Hillary is in Kenya making them our 51st state. We know our illustrious leader has said we have 57 states, and we all know he is never wrong. Instead of our Constitution, she is delivering Executive Order 13489.


One wonders what messages were going around in the days before Orly made her announcement? Who could have sent Orly a message that triggered those electronic bionic eyes and ears?


Of course no one in government ever does anything bad. Republican Nixon was just an amateur tape editor who made an honest mistake. Democrat Charlie Rangel just couldn’t find the law in the tax code that he helped write over his career to indicate he had to pay taxes on Villa de Rangel in the Caribbean. Of course no one in government wants a promotion for kissing the bosses butt.


And the announcement from the embassy in Nairobi, decrying the Kenyan governments use of local courts to try those involved in the past election violence started by Obama cousin Odinga, also “has nothing to do with the price of tea in china.” Perhaps this is nothing new, in 2006 then Senator Obama made a trip “home” to criticize the Kenyan President who help his father return to government employment after he lost his job.


But criticizing Kenya, or at least a Kenya not firmly in the grip of the Obama-Odinga clan is not nothing new for Obama. His last trip “home” was full of controversy when both Obama and the Kenyan government traded accusations at one and the other.


Of course with Hillary’s trip and the US Embassy’s recent state, has nothing to do with this at all. As she arrives in Kenya on her boss birthday party, but perhaps Hillary is trying to secure his present for him. Could that be his documents?


The thought of Hillary and Corsi being in Africa together made me think of that odd couple Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn who finds themselves adrift in the sea of reads on the African Queen. If life imamates art, and if I remember correctly that odd couple teamed up, to sink the usurping German destroyer on the lake.