Birth Place of Obama Found



After hearing the statement about Barrack Obama being born in Hawaii, and being a natural born citizen. We have went back and reviewed our work on the COLB.


As a result we must disagree with the analyses of being born in Hawaii, Kenya, Canada or in a manger in Bethlehem.


After thoroughly examining his COLB, we are now convinced he was born in Switzerland.



With the number of holes poked into his COLB we are certain that there is enough holes to qualify his Hawaiian COLB, as authentic Swiss cheese. There are more holes, but that would have removed all the cheese.


Authentic Swiss Cheese


Added to that is the extraordinary number of Swiss army knives used by the Obama administration to close the holes, and to debunk his own bunk explaining these inconsistencies.

Standard Equipment for Apparatchiks



We are now confident that Barrack Hussein Obama, II was born in Switzerland.


Yodels anyone?