Sotomayor Confirmation must be put on hold


Is this the “OMG” moment that Obama has dreaded?





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We now have two very conflicting birth documents, the Hawaiian Certification of Live Birth is from the Annenberg funded while the Kenyan Registration of Birth is from Dr. Orly Taitz’s website.


If we look at only the source of these birth documents, more weight must be given to Orly Taitz, because unlike she is an officer of the court and subject to disciplinary actions if she is perpetrating a fraud. Where as can “ooopsie,” if they are proven wrong.


One Birther, Holly, has given a plausible explanation for this document’s existence on the CountryFirst Website. It was generated for the paternity verification resulting out of the dissolution of the marriage of Stanly Ann (Dunham) Obama vs. Barrack Hussein Obama Sr. Obama’s mother initiated the divorce on January 20, 1964, the document was generated February 17, 1964 and the final divorce decree was generated on March 20, 1964.


At the time this document was made, Kenya had just gained its independence on 12th December, 1963, which was a mere 67 days prior to the issuance of the birth registration. The most logical explanation as to why this form has Republic of Kenya before the 12 December 1964 date that some uninformed people are talking about found in both the Kenyan Constitution and the history of Kenyan politics. The Constitution of Kenya was adopted 12th December, 1963, and Section 1 of the Kenyan Constitution clearly states, “Kenya is a sovereign Republic. The Constitution of Kenya was amended multiple times, but Section 1 has never been amended. See for yourselves in an annotated version of Kenya’s Constitution that has all amendments from it’s ratification until 2008 that is found here. Section 1A of the Constitution of Kenya has been amended multiple times, most recently in 1997. Section 1A is titled “Political System” which currently reads, “The Republic of Kenya shall be a multiparty democratic state.” What the 12 December 1964 date refers to is what type of government Kenya had adopted at the bequest of Kenyatta. When the first President Jomo Kenyatta was elected president on 12 December, 1964 Kenya’s Political structure was a one party system. However, since its independence on 12 December 1963 Kenya has been and continues to be a Republic.


As to this document being without the signatures of informant and registrar, this makes complete sense. One must consider that the first commercially available Xerox machine the 914 was not release until late 1959. Around this time Great Britain was planning for Kenya’s independence, since this is the reason Barrack Hussein Obama was sent to the US to study, it is highly unlikely that Britain would have invested in “advanced” technology for a colony that they were going to grant independence to anyway. At the time this document was released, the chances of a Xerox machine being in a remote provincial registrars office is highly doubtful. The registrar simply typed by hand the information available in the official records under his control when asked by Stanly Ann (Dunham) Obama for the divorce she was involved in at the time.


When something is truthful, the facts all seem to make sense and come together.


Because we have conflicting documents, we next need to examine all the facts about Barack Hussein Obama, II’s birth.


The only person attesting to his birth in Hawaii is Dr. Chiyome Fukino, who can offer no testimony to his birth under law. All she can testify to is the vital records documentation in their files which is solely based on the credibility of the informant who provided the information, whose identity has never been revealed. Any testimony as to his actual birth by her is hearsay, and not admissible in any court in the United States. While Dr. Taitz admits she has no way of authenticating a foreign document, she does have first person testimony to the birth of Barrack Hussein Obama, II in Kenya, that of his paternal grandmother Sarah. This is thanks to the work of Phil Berg, another officer of the court under the same sanctions Dr. Taitz is if found commiting fraud. This eye witness is Obama’s Kenyan Grandmother Sarah, the audio can be heard here. But there is also an official confirming Obama’s birth in Kenya, the Kenyan Ambassador Peter N.R.O. Ogego. After he probably received a phone call from his superior in Kenya he goes on the record with WND saying “I don't know.”


We at say, “enough already!” It is time to resolve this once and for all. We demand that all documentation concerning Barrack Hussein Obama, II birth, education, travel, selective service, be unsealed and made available to the general public for viewing, prior to any meaningful debate on the issue by the body politic. That the courts hear all evidence, from all parties currently seeking relief on the question of what is a natural-born citizen in general and of the specific question of Barrack Hussein Obama, II ability to qualify as a natural-born citizen as it was defined at the time of the ratification of our Constitution. We demand that all three lawyers, Apuzzo, Berg and Taitz be allowed to present at said trial their arguments on the matter so that we are not continually debating this issue only on the internet. That once a decision is reached as to what defines a natural-born citizen under Article II, Section of the US Constitution, that this definition be codified by the Supreme Court of the United States for posterity so this fraud can never happen again. We demand that Sonya Sotomayor appointment be cancelled or that she recuse herself from hearing this matter if she is sworn-in, due to the simple fact that her appointment to the Court depends on Barrack Hussein Obama, II being in fact a natural-born citizen and legitimate President, and thus eligible to appoint her under our Constitution. We further demand that the Congress of the United States in open session examines Barrack Hussein Obama, II in the light of that definition under oath.


We are not alone in our demand for Total Transparency, N.Y. Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) said of John McCain’s health records needed to be released to the public because in his own words, “When your running for President everything should be public, including your full medical records. I believe in a right for privacy, but when you’re running for President, which is such an important job, the need of the public to know supersedes it.



Health while an important factor in determining who to vote for is not a constitutional requirement for the office of the President, being a constitutionally eligible natural-born citizen is.


This needs to be done, and done now for the good of our Republic!