No, I am not talking about some African city where the next sighting of a birth certificate will come from, although many scams have originated from Lagos. Today I am writing about an ancient Greek word with multiple meanings. Most Christians know this word from the introduction of the Gospel of John. Through the ages, this word has undergone a change in its original meaning. I have had the privilege of a classical education, where Latin and ancient Greek were taught next to modern languages, along with other classical studies such as logic. This essay will look at the original meaning of this word and how it can alter our perceptions of what we see into what people want us to see.

According to Strong’s Lexicon, the primary use of the word logos means “a word, uttered by a living voice that embodies a conception or idea.” This definition is where we get the modern word logo. In our times, the use of a logo is a marketing technique that puts a complex message into a single word or a picture. With a logo a company can set about a process called branding, which takes a logo and creates an impression with the buyer that is unique to a company or product.


Take the statue of liberty, originally it was a gift from France for the one hundredth anniversary of the declaration of independence and is an international symbol of liberty, and because of its location next to Ellis Island, it has become a symbol of immigration. Many immigration services use the statue of liberty as a logo because it conveys the message of immigration without a lot of verbiage. While certainly a logo, the Statue of Liberty is far from the exclusive use a brand or trademark.


A trademark is a logo that is used exclusively by one group or company. Every fall Americans start to see the trademarks of politics appear across the landscape. Since we were children, we know without a word who is who simply by their logo.




We know that the left facing jackass is democrat and the right facing pachyderm is a republican. Although there are minor differences in the design, most notably with the stars, together they make up a composite logo for the November election. Their color scheme has always followed the colors and pattern of the American flag and buntings that adorn political stages.


Recently the Democratic Party has setout on the final marketing technique of distinguishing themselves from the Republicans by redesigning their logo into a brand. A brand is different in marketing from a logo in that the brand (logo) becomes the center of the advertisement, as opposed to a part of the advertisement.





As we look at the previous and current logos side by side, we can see that not only are the democrats changing logos, but they are changing the makeup of their past logo. From a business perspective branding is a major undertaking, costing many times more than producing a logo, and as such, much more thought goes into a brand than a logo.



Noticeably gone are the white stars that have always represented the states, but nearly unperceivable is the color sequence. In the older logo the head is blue while in the newer logo the head is red. Also in the older is that the head and back blended together. In the new logo besides the head being distinctively red it is separated from the body.


I know from having products branded that the greatest strength is to send a subliminal message. I also know that logos which are selected for branding are chosen by the decision makers subliminally. As a decision maker I have rejected candidates for branding simply because I couldn’t connect to it. Very often the two messages are never clearly articulated, as those making the decision rarely look at their own psyche to understand why they like it. Often if they like it and the intended subliminal message can be verbalized by the presenter then that is what is chosen.



This logo may be the most truthful logo I have ever seen. I also believe that this design connected to the decision makers at the DNC in ways they could not verbalize, but could feel. Note that the head of the jackass turned from blue to red, signifying a change of leadership from the party of a limited federal government for the common person started by Andrew Jackson to a party lead by socialist elites enslaving the common person and making them dependent upon the party’s “benevolence.” Notice too that the change is to the head alone as opposed to the upper half of the body in the old logo, it is clearly detached from the rest of the body. You can see that the body is now bucking wildly trying to dislodge the red head that is only being kept in place from falling off by a small piece of the body. These are all things that the leadership in the Democratic Party is telling you about them, but they do not realize it, because this is simply too central to their core for them to think about.


Andrew Jackson the founder of the modern day democrats was a natural born citizen and natural born leader. Even in a time before Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals Jackson embraced the negative connotation of being called a jackass, much as we have done with the name Birthers.



If you know your American history you can almost close your eyes and picture Ol’Hickory ridding into Washington on Duke to take on the corruption of the elite bankers who were controlled by foreign powers. To see the Democratic party that this brave man started turned into a nest of traitors to the country he defended is as obscene as seeing his stern face on a piece of paper called a twenty dollar bill that is barely worth one silver dollar that he had in his pocket is a true national tragedy. How this image of one of the last great independent President was ever switched to Karl Marx on a mechanical bull in a Texas saloon is beyond me?

Now that we are on the subject of Presidents, a President who is a natural born citizen also has a logo. It is a logo that identifies that he can stand on his own, proud and majestic regardless of his color.




People who voted for Obama had this in mind, a black American standing alone against the harshness of nature proud and capable of leading many to better pastures. What a logo. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this picture, a black horse or a white horse is after all a horse. What matters most of all is that when challenged he can stand on his own and meet the challenge.


Both MSM and Hollywood had a part in placing this picture in our minds. Obama the black stallion ready to lead us to prosperity and Obama the dark horse ready to fight for us were the subliminal messages they sent. Now that the movie (campaign) is over, we no longer see this picture. What we are starting to realize is like in every action-adventure movie we have the star doing the impossible stunts by the stunt double.


What you see above is not Obama, but his stunt double. This is what America wanted to see on November 4th. America wanted to put behind them all the feelings they were sold about Bush by the MSM, they wanted a new hero who was both cut from and who cut across the mould of past heroes. They projected magnificence upon something that was not magnificent, and it was the projection that carried the day.


Now that the movie is over and we face reality, things are different. We have people who voted for Obama saying never again. Those who sought change dreamed of a frog becoming a prince, but we see a man transforming from a benign sheep into a ravenous wolf. However, when we look at his ability to stand for himself, we see the real Obama, and he is not the handsome black stallion we all thought he was.


Now you will see the real logo of Obama’s claim to being a natural born citizen. He is not the black stallion standing on his own, rather he is jackass, a creature that is half horse and half donkey hitched to a cart of special interests. He cannot stand on his own and prove he is a natural born citizen, instead he must be hoisted high by the weight of the millions of dollars he and his campaign spends to keep the documents that should be able to prove us wrong from your eyes.



This makes a great logo for the man who is supposed to be the most powerful in the world.


What can I say but,