Dr. Conspiracy you are telling damned lies!.




We never said John McCain is not a natural born citizen. The only truths you stated is that we have gone after John McCain III, this is obvious and we said the Senate lied for him with Senate Resolution 511.


We said John S. McCain III, could have been found to be a natural born citizen of the United States as it applies to Article II using both the intent of the Founding Fathers and federal common law, if he came to the American public stated his case and let the Hollander case go to trial. Please feel free and read it yourself here.


How the Senate lied for John McCain is obvious based on the obvious. Hollander produced a birth certificate from the Colon Hospital that was entered into the court record; no one on either side challenged it. It lists the city for the place of birth as Colon, R.P. not Coco Solo, NAS. The R. P. stands for Republic of Panama. If they simply had to use the Live Birth Record from the Colon Hospital of the Panama Railroad Company, which could have been a possibility as the only English language form available, why did they not correctly refer to the place of birth as Coco Solo C.Z.? You may call this document a plant, but not only did McCain have an opportunity to challenge it in the court of public opinion, but so did the Senate. After all the Senate had his birth certificate … didn’t they? Or are you going to tell us that the Senate didn’t have his birth certificate and declared him a natural born citizen anyway? Seems to be a lot of that going on in Washington D.C.


McCain’s birth certificate from PACER


Yes, it is true we trashed John S. McCain, III because as a former member of the military like ourselves we hold him to the highest standards. Why do you think the majority of the members of the military were against John Kerry and Al Gore? It is because we do hold ourselves to a higher standard. Infused in us are ideals like honor, duty, loyalty, and esprit de corps, perhaps I should understand that you may not know about these words as we know them.


When we looked at the reasons why John McCain or the Republican Party did not question Obama’s eligibility to be a natural born citizen as required under our Constitution a picture came into focus. First was that John McCain III did not want to risk the Primaries defending his natural born status, as the elections could have went to Romney. It was easier to have some proclamation made on his behalf, and considering it was still early in the Primary season not many Republicans were willing to take sides and risk being a sponsor or co-sponsor. Of course once presented on the floor they would have all voted for it, including Romney if he was a Senator. With all of the corruption that infests Washington, only a fool, no let me rephrase that, only a damned fool would believe that there was not a quid pro quo extracted, or in politicalese “a gentleman’s club agreement.”


Then there is the cement that binds both Obama and McCain, the cement of George Sorros influence. We only scratched the surface on this issue. What in the blue blazes is John McCain making kissy-kissy with Sorros who said, “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United State s.” Sorros is the type of creature who would find it amusing that the United States was destroyed by a Usurper like Obama.


We also did a pretty good job of showing how threats of being labeled a racist and political rape made Hillary Clinton back of questioning Obama’s unnatural born citizenship in our article Hillary Clinton Obstructionist or Closet Birther.


What I don’t understand Dr. Conspiro is why are you blaming us for what Leo Donofrio said in his blog John McCain: Citizen of Panama At Birth. We did take Leo Donofrio to task in our update for not doing enough research and applying the intent of the Founding Fathers and federal common law to the case. We also told him we were disgusted that he would sacrifice anyone to prove he is non-partisan. ESPECIALLY the members of our armed forces! Please read it, or are you waiting for ObamaCare so you can get your eyes examined? I may be biased, but I do believe that anyone whose brains were not turned to slush by drinking the Obama Kool-aide will see that, and see you for what you are, a pretty poor excuse as an obamapologist.


I am at a loss to understand your motives for blatantly lying about what we wrote. I would like to believe that you are quite upset that we were able to remove your kool-aide inspired talking point about why neither the Clintons nor McCain and the GOP mentioned Obama’s little eligibility problem. But considering that FactCheck made you the primary keeper of the Leo Donofrio Chronicles I have to wonder if it isn’t some metro-man-sexual impulse on your part. I am only thinking to myself that you might just be some sort of intellectual sadist who feels that Leo is yours and yours alone because he was given to you by FactCheck? Is he sort of like your metro-man-sex slave that only you can abuse? Why don’t you just make it easy on yourself and come out of the closet, with the way things are today I really doubt anyone would notice. I personally am not into that lifestyle but I will not condemn you for it. I personally have better things to do than give you any attention, but I cannot allow your lie to go unchallenged. If you want to pick an intellectual war with us, that is okay by us. Just let me give you a little advice, don’t wear a white shirt, tell your mommy to make you lunch and put plenty of napkins in your TeleTubby lunch box, because your going to need them napkins to stuff in your nose to stop the bleeding. Now, now, now, don’t get your panties all tied in a knot, of course I am not talking about actual physical violence, the blood is only a metaphor for your ego. However, if Camille Paglia would like to invite us on her show one day to go mano a mano so to speak, well I can be there after school or I can send my little brother or sister if you want. Yes, Camille is a liberal, but she is not my enemy, she is intellectually honest and loves this country, she won’t take sides, she will let us do battle. Camille and I disagree on some social policies and I respect her in spite of our differences, it is Constitution trashing socialist that I can do nothing but show my contempt for.