Hillary Clinton




Closet Birther



With the “son of Africa” remarks all along her sub-Saharan journeys, many expected us to jump up and down with glee. It is difficult to tell if she is only trying to obfuscate questions about Obama’s ineligibility or if she is sending coded messages.


Was she saying this all over Africa to suggest “son of Africa” in the most generic sense, i. e. his race, or was she distinguishing Obama from the overwhelming majority of Americans of African descent who first became natural born citizens “as the sons and daughters of slaves.” Many prominent Birthers of African ancestry have publically stated that Obama does not and cannot connect with the majority of Americans who became citizens as a direct result of their ancestors first being slaves.


Many people say if Obama has problems with his constitutional qualifications the Clintons would have made it know. Would they now?


The reason why the Clintons did not push the constitutionally disqualifying evidence of Barack Hussein Obama, II is simply because they were being set up to be racists. This happened earl on and continues to this day. Anyone who disagrees with the One is a racist, and an infidel.


Perhaps Hillary is reminding us what her husband Bill said, when it became apparent that the undemocratic Democratic party aligned the elites behind Obama against the majority of popular votes Hillary achieved.




When you watch this video Bill never says that Obama is qualified, instead he points to the Constitution for the qualifications of President of the United States. I don’t know why the left is saying Birthers are Republicans, when we got the idea to look at the Constitution from a Democrat.



From the same interview Bill is telling us why he is not willing to explore this further.



The interviewer strongly infers Clinton is a racist, and he denies it.


How did Hillary respond to the allegations about Bill being a racist? In this video we start to see the great MSM conspiracy to elect Obama.



This was Obama’s plan of attack from the beginning, the seeds were sown and only awaited the harvest. Seeding the field for the charges of racism at the start of the primary was Obama’s “spiritual” mentor Jeremiah Wright, and he had a lot to say, as he starts the public cry to rape Hillary.



Taking the hoe from Wright’s hands was Michael Pfleger, a priest of the socialist liberation theology movement continues to demonize Hillary along racial lines. This black priest, with black referring to his Jesuit ties, completely forgets the Jesus of scripture and takes part of the political gang rape of the century, seemingly giving the Pope’s blessing. .



Oprah too fired a shot across Hillary’s bow, letting her know that she can turn her audience against Hillary. What is interesting and telling about Oprah is she says women who are voting for a woman are free to change their minds, she doesn’t say that about Americans of African descent. Ophrah now a “political lesbian” jumps in the political gang rape of Hillary.



The mainstream news media was jumping on the charges of racism, telling her to reject voters who voted along racial lines. As they sanctimoniously charged Hillary with accepting votes cast on racism, none said Obama should do the same. None mentioned one word about the sexism that reeked from Obama’s campaign.




A gang rape that is meant to intimidate and humiliate would not be complete without the degrading video taping of bestiality. Obama released his dog on Hillary, Olbermann the Doberman.



After being ganged raped in private and in public by Obama’s campaign machine and the MSM that had so long supported their lukewarm socialism (compared to Obama’s brand of National Socialism) the Clintons knew what awaited them. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi strong-armed super delegates by threatening to withhold campaign contributions if they supported Hillary. Hillary herself was told there would be no substantive help from the Democratic National Committee if she raised a “floor fight” for the nomination.


The Clintons looked at the numbers and seen that without the black vote she would not win. Without a win, Hillary would have been blamed for the defeat, not the totalitarian tactics of the Democratic Party lead by comrades Reid and Pelosi, and that is the way the MSM would have reported it. They forced her to stop the vote count, which if allowed to go to the end would have proved that Clinton not Obama was the peoples choice for the democratic nominee.


Still with Bill’s strong support of his wife, Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Brazile and MSM had one final plan to insure both she and Bill kept silent. They paraded their only child Chelsea on stage to give the introduction for her mother. Chelsea was moving and articulate in her support of her mother, but there was a sinister side of having Chelsea on stage. The message was clear, what we just did to you and Bill, we can easily do to your daughter. The Clintons only have one child, and even if you disagree with them in politics, we all can understand a parents driving sense to protect their children.


We have been told from a source within CNN that someone associated with the Clinton camp early on leaked the Michelle Obama - Reverend Wright - Trinity ChurchWhitty Tape,” but was buried by Jon Klien as potentially so dangerous that could lead to riots. Jon Klien loves to burry things, doesn’t he? This same person gave the tape to McCain’s camp that was told that not only would they be labeled as racists if they released it, they alone would bear the responsibility for the riots. It appears that Hillary had no chance if she was to try to release any information she had about Obama’s Constitutional disqualifications.


Like him or not Bill Clinton closed his campaigning for Hillary with a departing message for those brave and intelligent enough to hear. Perhaps he and Hillary seen where liberalism has lead this country to, a total takeover by Communists and National Socialists. Now with the “son of Africa” Hillary may be sending a message of encouragement to those who want to restore the Constitution’s intent.


People call Orly, Queen Bertha of the Birthers, but it may be that we need to crown a new queen, Hillary, Queen Boudica of the Birthers. Boudica the widow queen of Prasutagus, an ally of Rome, seeking the inheritance after his death for their daughters, was flogged and gang raped along with her daughters at the hands of Imperial Rome, returned to fight and nearly defeated Tacitus. She lost because she had no allies, but this time the new Boudica may find her allies, in the form of PUMA’s and Birthers.


Now you realize why the Clintons never revealed anything about Obama’s inability to qualify for President under the US Constitution.