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Published 24 Aug 2009
by Teo Bear


While George Orwell’s “1984” may be a classic that sends shivers up the spine of both left and right of the political spectrum, very few look at what transpired the year before 1984. No great event happens without a chain of lesser events leading to it. That is to say that events are built upon events; this is equally true with both earthquakes and politics.


From the Birthers perspective, 1983 would appear to hold no significance. 1981 was the year Obama went to Pakistan. This date is what people think launched Passport-gate and Phil Berg, the first attorney taking up the eligibility issue, referenced this trip to substantiate his inference that Obama must be a dual citizen. He tied this in to Barry Soetoro’s Indonesian citizenship and Indonesian passport. The revelation of the trip was not uncovered by Berg as some secret Obama didn’t want known; instead it was “leaked” by an Obama supporter who attended a private fundraiser for him in the liberal capital of the Universe, San Francisco.It seemed odd that such a potentially damning insight into Obama could have come from such staunch supporters. However, what I have learned from “political revelations” is there are only two motives for leaks: either by your enemies to hurt you, or by your own team as preemptive damage control. Finding an anti-Obama conservative at a San Francisco Obama Fundraiser would be like finding a pug-nosed puppet in a Congress of Pinocchios.Therefore, that leads us to damage control.


Before we go into what damage would need to be controlled, let us look at where the damage control went to work. At the passport control office at the Department of State, the access of Obama’s records spawned the notorious passport-gate, asinformation emerged,indicating that both Clinton’s and McCain’s passport files were rifled; screams of “Clinton!” and “Rove!” were ready to fill the air until it was discovered that the persons who accessed these records were from a company which had strong ties to Obama.


Obama’s campaign hears of a team of investigative reporters in Africa looking for previous trips, they have their insiders at the State Department look at Obama’s passport record. On Jan. 9, 2008 an alarm tripped in State Department Passport Control System.On February 4, 2008 Enquirer photo of Obama wearing Muslim garb appears. OnFeb. 21, the alarm tripped again.And March 14, 2008an alarm tripped for the last time in State Department Passport Control-- this time also touching McCain’s passport file. On March 21, 2008 a story breaks about passport-gate in The Washington Times. Obama calls for investigations with that “not me middle finger to the eye” attitude for which he is known. Then on April 6, 2008 Obama says he was in Pakistan in 1981.



We are in the middle of a war with an Islamist Jihad hell bent on global domination, Pakistan being the haven for the Taliban and Al Qaida, and in 1981 was not only under military rule but appears to have been Bin Laden’s favored place for R&R; it seemed incredible that Obama would even imply he traveled there. Pakistan and 1981 was not the target for damage control, and the statement Obama made was designed to illicit a strong emotional response from everyone right of center-left. It was designed this way the same way a master magician designs his illusions: it was simple misdirection. He had another secret to hide, one that, if it did emerge, would surely and instantly destroy his political career. He needed something “repaired” or sanitized in those records and Pakistan was a cover story that was designed to make it look like Hillary and the Republicans were to blame if his operatives were caught. The real date and target was not 1981 but 1983, and the country Obama was concerned about was not Pakistan, but Kenya. You see, the photo in the story above was not taken in 1988 as Obama wants us to believe, but in 1983. I doubt Obama was ever in Pakistan.Rather this is a story to make us forget the real reason for Passport-gate and to get us to chase phantoms far away from where he was.


The only sources we have to date for the 1988 trip are from the Obama clan. There are two very different and independent sources that confirm he was there in 1983, in that period between his 21st and 23rd birthday. These sources are so different that they must be given serious weight, as one reported on his senate race and the other after his election to President. The AllAfricaNews Agency reported on August 15, 2004 that “A Sunday Nation team that set out to trace Obama's roots was surprised to find that, unknown to many, Obama has actually been to this village twice. First in 1983, when he had come to mourn his late father, Barack Hussein Obama, who had died in Nairobi in 1982; and again in 1995 when he brought home his young bride to show her his roots.”The second source to confirm a 1983 date is the Chinese News Agency which wrote, ‘"Nobody will sleep today. We are all spending the night here. I can't sleep when our son is taking over such a powerful office," said Mariam Oyuka, 67. Oyuka is among the villagers who met President Obama when he visited his father's homestead in 1983, 1995 and in 2006."I know him very well. I have shaken his hands on three occasions and I am very delighted to see him on television tonight. I think he still remembers me," said Oyuka, a mother of four.’

When the only cooperating witness of Passport-gate was found murdered in Washington, DC. it seemed like damage control, Chicago style worked well. Now instead of answers to one trip in 1981, we are finding questions about 4 trips to Kenya, 1983, 1988, 1995 and 2006.


Something FactCheck said made me start thinking. Personally, I think a pediatrician cuts out more tonsils of newborns than FactCheck checks facts, as I have realized that FactCheck lies in the most insidious of ways, not with blatant lies but with partial truths and the omissions of facts.


One such lie is about the question Q: Does Barack Obama have Kenyan citizenship? A: No. He held both U.S. and Kenyan citizenship as a child, but lost his Kenyan citizenship automatically on his 21st birthday. The Rocky Mountain News sets up a story on the internet to be debunked.As proof that the article that appeared on the internet was false, FactCheck offered this explanation:


But the paper failed to note that the Kenyan Constitution prohibits dual citizenship for adults. Kenya recognizes dual citizenship for children, but Kenya's Constitution specifies that at age 21, Kenyan citizens who possesses citizenship in more than one country automatically lose their Kenyan citizenship unless they formally renounce any non-Kenyan citizenship and swear an oath of allegiance to Kenya.


What FactCheck omitted was Section 98, subsection 6 and the footnote to the Kenyan Constitution which reads, *Sections 87 and 88, although spent in their effect, are retained for the sake of clarification. The same applies to section 97 (2) and (6) (b).


Section 98, subsection 6 reads as follows.

(6) In this section "the specified date" means--
(a) in relation to a person to whom subsection (1) refers, the date on which he attains the age of twenty-three years;

FactCheck omitted this, and that an Act of Parliament which is known as Chapter 170 The Kenyan Citizenship Act existed since 1963 that simply does not say what FackCheck wants them to say. This is a lie of omission hoping that we would look no further, because if so, we would discover that Kenyan law does not automatically force a child who acquires citizenship by descent to choose which nationality they want on their 21st Birthday. The law referenced below is from the Kenyan Embassy in Belgium.


Minors who are Kenyan nationals “by descent” (i.e. born abroad of Kenyan parents), become nationals “by registration” upon reaching the age of majority (21) and not “by naturalization”. They are required to renounce the nationality of their country of birth between their 21st and 23rd birthdays, and take the oath of allegiance. Any such persons who fail to do so on or before their 23rd birthday, automatically cease to be a citizen of Kenya on that day.


The law does not provide for dual citizenship for adults (those over 21 years of age), but allows minors (those under 21 years of age) to retain the citizenship which they may have acquired by birth, descent or registration, as the case may be. Any minor who acquires Kenyan citizenship is granted a period of two (2) years from their 21st birthday to decide on which nationality to retain. However, failure to renounce the other nationality on or before the 23rd birthday results in loss of Kenyan citizenship.

It is easy to see that he had the time between his 21st and 23rd birthday to make this decision; he did not automatically loose it on his 21st birthday as FactCheck wants us to believe. FactCheck, upon whom everyone relied to investigate this matter. lied to the American public by omitting an important part of the Kenyan Constitution that blows their story out of the water: Obama did not loose his Kenyan citizenship on his 21st birthday.


Let’s do some simple math. According to that brand new COLB FackCheck, Obama was born on August 4, 1961. If we add 21 years to this date we arrive at August 4, 1982 and if we add 23 years we arrive at August 4, 1984. What happens if we divide these dates in half?Do we get August 4, 1983?Now are you beginning to understand the importance of the year 1983?



It only took 3 pieces of paper and less than 10 minutes of his time for Obama to keep his Kenyan citizenship. As I do not have these papers in my possession, I am only inserting herein what I believe is actually inserted on these three pieces of paper,Simply because I do not have them, however,does not mean they don’t exist. The information below is taken directly from the laws of Kenya that are found in Chapter CAP 170 of the Nationality Laws of Kenya.




 (s. 3 (2))

I Barack Hussein Obama, II do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to the Republic of Kenya and that I will support and uphold the Constitution of  Kenya as by law  established.




SECOND SCHEDULE                        

 (S. 11 (1))

(Under section 12 of the Constitution)

Barack Hussein Obama, II (Full name in block capitals) do solemnly and sincerely declare:-

1. That I was born at
Honolulu, Hawaii in United States of America .(insert name of country)  and am of or over the age of 21 years.

2. That I am a citizen of Kenya by *birth/descent/registration/naturalization and am also a national of
Indonesia (Insert name of country) by *birth/descent/registration/naturalization/marriage.

3. That as I am desirous of retaining my status as a citizen of Kenya, I hereby renounce so far as it lies within my power my status as a citizen/national of
Indonesia (insert name of country) and any claim I have to protection of that country.

Signature of Applicant.

Declared at
MINISTRY OF HOME AFFAIRS NIROBI KENYA this 4thday of August19 83 before me.

Mwai Kibaki

*Magistrate/Commissioner for Oaths.

Mwai Kibaki






(S. 11 (2))


(Under section 12 of the Constitution)

Barack Hussein Obama, II of Harvard University Cambridge, Mass, United States do   solemnly and sincerely declare:-
*1.    That so far as it lies within my power, I have renounced my citizenship/nationality of(Insert name of country) and intend to reside permanently in Kenya if permitted.

*2.    That although I have renounced my citizenship/nationality of
Indonesia (Insert name of country) and intend my domicile of choice to be Kenya, it may be necessary in the course of my employment as Law Student /as self-employed to be absent from time to time from Kenya.

Signature of Applicant.


Declared at MINISTRY OF HOME AFFAIRS NIROBI KENYA this 4thday of August19 83 before me.

Mwai Kibaki

*Magistrate/Commissioner for Oaths.

Mwai Kibaki


*Delete paragraphs or words not applicable.


In 1983 Obama was faced with a choice: Should he keep an Indonesian passport that, because of the 1980 divorce of his mother from Lolo Soetoro was of little use to him, or he could trade it for a Kenyan passport where his father’s good friend was now Vice President. Knowing Obama as we know him what do you think he would do? Those who really do not understand the relationship between Obama Sr. and President Kibaki should read this interesting story, which shows that the poor, drunken “goat herder” [Obama’s description of his father, who worked for the Kenyan government] who was persecuted by Kenyatta had quite a funeral. After reading this I think you will wonder if Kibaki wasn’t a pallbearer. Here is an interesting story about Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. written by Africans, called Obama’s Dad.



When FactCheck decides to tell a lie, it seems that the result is Granny and Veterans are going to die!





Posted: 8-24-09

Updated: 8-25-09